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Monday Moments: Never Dim Your Light

Happy Monday!


Never Dim Your Light

“As you launch into the world with your own personal trajectory seek that which makes you comfortable even if it is not what others would choose.  Admit your mistakes with grace, find the power in humility as you revel in your accomplishments.  Spill kindness onto the world, don’t let forgiveness be a stranger, know that you are loved unconditionally, and never, ever dim your light.” -Marilyn Maciel

Monday Moments: Turn Your Light On

Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer!


“You have a gift to give.  It doesn’t take lots of time or extra money or concentrated effort, because that gift is a simple one, and you give it every day.  That gift is your spirit-the brightest and truest part of you.  You give your spirit when you make time for delight, when you cherish yourself and the people you love, and when you see wonder in the everyday.  You give your spirit when you bring out the best in yourself, when you let yourself play, and when you revel in the present.  And every time your spirit shows, you give a gift of brightness and warmth.  You illuminate the world. So give that gift.  Elevate your spirit.  Turn your light on.” -“M.H. Clark